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2007 Winnebago Motorhome

2007 Winnebago Motorhome

Dealer Only!!

This 2007 Winnebago MotorHome is in fair condition. This beige motorhome, with an odometer reading of 61,792.8 km, offers a comfortable and functional living space despite showing signs of wear. The exterior presents faded paint and minor dents, while the interior maintains a decent condition with clean upholstery and operational kitchen appliances, ensuring everything you need is on hand for a pleasant journey.

This Winnebago is equipped with essential features such as air conditioning, heating, a functional bathroom, and a kitchen equipped with a stove, sink, and refrigerator. It accommodates sleeping arrangements for multiple passengers and includes a television and stereo system for entertainment on the go. The motorhome’s engine and generator are both in good working order, supporting your travels with reliability. Whether you’re planning short trips or long stays, this Winnebago MotorHome offers a blend of comfort and functionality, making it a great choice for your traveling needs.


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Winning Bid: $17,500.00

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Item condition: Used