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    Bidding and pick up of my items was seamless, easy, and really quick. Will be checking back for more great listings (I was super lucky and scored a brand new mattress and bed frame for a really great price!) thanks for the awesome service!

    Samantha Morales

    I’ve made several purchases with Repodeals over the last few months and I’ve been very happy with the prices and the service and its fun too, but most importantly for me when ever there’s been any kind of issue they’ve taken care of me every time and made sure I left feeling good about our meeting. I fully recommend the site and the sales guys there especially Sherman Fung he’s been a stellar representative of the company. Give it a try i always find somthing i want and its always a good time. I think you’ll be impressed.

    Jason Kelly

    What I really regret is not being able to discover this sooner! You are in for a bargain with a lot of the items they sell and I’ve been so far, really happy with the quality of products from this company. Highly recommended and I just keep going back to their website for new items!

    Mike Lee

    Love this place, Awesome prices, quality products, and professional service
    Thank you 💝

    Alexander Barabash