Polycom ViewStation FX video conferencing station


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Like New, retails for over $900.00! On sale for $500.00!!

Videoconferencing system with pan and zoom camera, perfect to host any virtual meeting or get-together!

Complete set with power cables, component cables, and two additional microphones.

Polycom ViewStation FX – Specifications

ITU H.323 and H.320 compliant Cisco AAVID certified People+Content allows dual display of video and PC graphics Call Detail Records enables billing of calls and tracking with Global Management System Conference on Demand initiates unscheduled MGC calls from the endpoint Global Management System for centralized video conferencing management Global Directory Server for live global address book Polycom Video Error Concealment (PVEC) for improved video quality on networks with packet loss PathNavigator for easier call placement and network cost optimization MGC Click&View integration for individual screen layouts Bandwidth Max data rate H.320: up to 2 Mbps Max data rate H.323: up to 2 Mbps Video Features of the ViewStation FX Automatic VCR recording of all endpoints based on the person who is talking 4-monitor support to simultaneously display full-screen video from up to 4 endpoints, plus PC content on a separate XGA projector Automatic Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Video Standards H.261, Annex D H.263+ Annexes: L, F, T, I, J, U, u H.263++ Annex D ITU 60 fields per second letterbox Video Outputs (7 outputs) 4 x MiniDin S-Video (Support for 4 independent monitors) 1 x RCA/Phono, composite (VCR) 1 x RCA/Phono, composite (monitor) 1 x XGA (projector) Video Inputs (3 inputs plus camera) Integrated main camera 1 x RCA/Phono, composite (VCR) 1 x MiniDin S-Video (document camera) 1 x MiniDin connector (2nd camera with PTZ camera control) Video Formats NTSC, PAL, XGA, SVGA, VGA

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