About Us

We provide our clients prices lower than the wholesale market, with a variety of vehicle from travel trailers to bikes. is owned and operated by the IRSC Group. All units displayed for sale are a result of seizures or actions taken by one of our divisions; Integrated Bailiff Services (for secured lending seizures) or Integrated Civil Enforcement (Court order enforcement). Unlike many other business that claim to sell repossessions. only sells real repos. Because of this, we have no control over inventory levels or selection. We sell everything from luxury boats to kitchen sinks. Many of our sales are not advertised, as we also deal with large range of speciality wholesalers and dealers who buy direct from our locations.

“If you are inquiring about a unit that is not currently displaying a price, that unit is either being prepared for sale and not yet available, or the lienholder we are selling for has asked us to take offers without disclosing their reserve price.”

Our sales typically provide a short preview period before the unit is available to be sold, during which time the lender is reviewing to provide a reserve price. As all of our sales are real repossessions, there is a statutory period of waiting before we can legally sell the unit, which we use as the preview period. This timeframe varies based on the number of days following repossession before the unit arrives at one of our sales facilities.

We operate throughout all of BC, however only two of our locations operate sales facilities, Surrey and West Kelowna.

Sales not displaying a price are open for offers. Offers can be made online via our “Vehicle Enquiry” option on, by emailing us at SALES@REPODEALS.CA , by phone at 866-455-7376, or in person at one of our locations. Extremely low offers will not be reviewed or responded to. Although we work to provide units at or below wholesale prices, we do not entertain “fire sale” bids.

Neither nor our clients are under any obligation to accept the highest offer on any unit. All offers are subject to review and acceptance.

We reserve the right to accept or decline any offer at any time. If we feel that an offer meets our clients requirements we may not wait for additional offers.

Sales that display a price may or may not be available for lower offers. All offers are subject to review and acceptance.

All viewings are by appointment only. Please call or email us to confirm a time. We are very flexible, but may not have someone available to show you the unit if you do not confirm a viewing time first.